The Parvati Valley in Kullu is one of the most picturesque and beautiful regions of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Thick alpine forest covers the entire valley with the Parvati river fllowing in the middle.  Parvati  river ultimately meets the Beas river at Bhuntar, the nearest airport. 

It is in this Parvati Valley that the popular Kheerganga  trek takes you on an invigorating trekking experienceunveiling the stunning terrain of the Himalayas as well as givig you a chance to see and observe the life and culture of the people living here.

Day1 of the Trek is reserved for a small acclimatization walk around the small town of Kasol which serves as the base camp and also to rest and prepare for the trek next day.

The 2 days trek starts from the village of Barshaini.  This is an easy trek that takes us through dense alpine forests.  The climb is gradual but thrilling.  

There are many  beautiful picturesque waterfalls.  The entire stretch of the trekking trail is through breathtaking views of dense forest, mountains, rivulets and what a treat  to behold those majestic sights of nature.  

On the way you comes across Rudra Nag.  The serpent-shaped waterfall here and the temple has become a big tourist attractions in the Parvati Valley and is a popular stop for the trekkers.

Finally after you climb a tough ridge, lo and behold the beautiful sight of the Kheerganga Campsite.  After an overnight stay and hot bath at the kheerganga spring, return trek to Kasol the next day.